About Us

Who Leads?

KYI THAR @ Jonny

BE (Mechanical) CEO , Myanmar Future Science

Thet San@ John San

B.sc (Physic) M&E City&Guids (UK), Managing Director , Myanmar Future Science

What is Myanmar Future Science?

Myanmar Future Science is a company which produce and import teaching aids for students in any level. We started in 2014. We had over 3 years experience in teaching aids area. Sometime we make our own ideal teaching design for high school students. We can provide the service and supply for teaching aids in anytime and anywhere, with low fees. We can deliver the teaching aids for you wherever you are with 0% overcharges. But according to the transportation line, we need to take transportation charges, please forgive about that.

Other fields of us, we help UAV and Research project of universities. We help and supply the programming devices such as Arduino Board for under graduated students’ projects.

Products and Sales

We can provide foreign made and local made teaching aid equipments.


We can provide Practical Student Training and Explanation and After Sales Service and more.

Our Supply

We can supply any teaching aids that can import from oversea, for your schools. We supported the teaching aids from USA, Germany, Japan, Thailand and most from China.